Sn@tcherific Tekuteku!! Tuesday, Apr 27 2010 

That’s what she said! 🙂

Maybe it hasn’t been completely apparently but I have a little bit of an addiction.  Not just shopping, but shopping at my most favorite store of all time.  Yep, I’m a Snatchadict.  And now with Ivey having a whole bunch of wonderful new duds for the Alt Fair I am in my own personal paradise.  So to go with the following Sn@tchtastic entries to follow I’m also highlighting another store.  =TEKUTEKU= is officially the only store where I will buy blonde.  Pink is the actually shade but I don’t think it looks like pink.  Maybe it’s my viewer.  Maybe I’m wandering around SL with hot pink hair like I have some booger in my nose that none one will tell me about.  Nahhhh….

You gotta check this place out.  Their prices are reasonable and they have a nice selection.  Eyes too. 


Skin: Fior Di Perle Freebie

Eyes: Poetic Colors Freebie

Necklace: Lacie Cakes (Color Changing Hud)

Bracelets: Twisted and Spoiled

Corset and Pants: Snatch

Boots: Hoorenbeek Group Gift


Chinatown Quickie Sunday, Apr 25 2010 

Ohhhh kinky! 

Curious Kitties rocked my world today with a couple of sweet items!  The jacket which has a pair of pants that match but no matchy matchy please…. makes it look like a uniform for a vegas casino.  The hair was also a group gift from them but it came with a pretty canary yellow streak which I colored to match the outfit a little more.  I was feeling all SL crafty today!

But again… I must focus on shoes.  I have an illness I know.  These are without a doubt… the COOLEST pair of shoes I have bought so far!  I am not lying one bit either.  Omg you can take the bow off and put the bow on and take the strap off and put the strap on and all these different textures for each part of the shoe and then each texture has 12 different colors!!!! HOLYFREAKINGOD! 


They are on SALE! 200L for like 2000 pairs of shoes.  How can you even begin to go wrong? 


Eyes: Amacci Group Gift Brown

Skin: League         

Hair: Curious Kitties Group Gift

Top: Curious Kitties Group Gift

Pants: Tyranny Designs

Shoes: Hoorenbeek Sale

OMGBOOTS!!! Saturday, Apr 24 2010 

So I have this alt that I’m sure will eventually show up here but she has the cutest pair of boots EVER. Black with a skull on ‘em just like I LOVE and RAINBOOTS! Oh my god I am seriously stupid over rainboots. If I see them I have to have them. RL or SL doesn’t matter at all. I think it’s cause mommy wouldn’t buy me the Strawberry Shortcake ones I wanted when I was 8. It damaged me.

~moment of contemplation~

Okay I’m done now.

So I have no idea why Safeer never got her own boots but I was wandering around a store this morning and saw them on the models in the pictures and realized it was a huge injustice that old Saf doesn’t get a pair. I felt her pain. So I popped over to UBU and grabbed these cuties. Almost got the black skulls again but that somehow felt wrong. The rest of the outfit just fell together and as I looked at it I realized that this would be the same outfit I would be wearing in RL to the Farmer’s Market for the first time tomorrow morning! (yeah and my body looks just like that too……………. Not)4/24/104/24/104/24/10

Eyes: Amacci Group Gift

Hair: Exile Freebie

Top: Action 60L Saturday

Shorts: Snatch Basic Rolled shorts
Socks: A&M 15L gumball machine
Boots: UBU
Skin: Tik Tok 60L Saturday
Necklace: UBU Freebie!
Rings: Needful Things 60L Saturday

Seriously Good Pudding! Saturday, Apr 24 2010 

So in our house we have this game we play with funny names for bands. Our favorite and the one we use on Guitar Hero is “Seriously Good Pudding” my second favorite is “Merlot Hangover” which I picture for an all girl kind of punk band. Hence this outfit is born!

The whole thing (pretty much) was the 50L Friday deal from Plastik if you can believe that. I am so totally loving all the alternative skins that are coming out now a days. The ones from the Zombie Popcorn Hunt are somehow creepy, gross and still SO beautiful. This one from Plastik is no different though I must add that it REQUIRES eyelashes. Like any of us leave our pixel houses without those! But seriously it makes the look and I used ones I got from Deviant Kitties that come with those fabulously inexpensive skins they have a TON of. The necklace I’m a little hazy on where I got so this post may need an edit when I get home. Did I mention I often bring this stuff to work? Oh hush you just wish you got paid to blog! Oh and the hair, Exile again I know I’m not all that original with the hair, but I LOVE their stuff! Freebie and cute as a button AND I heard a rumor there’s some dollarbies out now at the store so guess where Saf is going to be planted tonight? Mhmmmmm


Skin, Eyes, Top, Pants: Plastik (50L Fridays)

Lashes: {DK}

Hair: Exile Freebie! (Raspberry)

Necklace: Curious Kitties

Boots: Snatch

Earth Day! Thursday, Apr 22 2010 

Yep it’s earth day! The one day out of the year where most people get to pretend like the actually care what happens to the place they have to live. Okay real quick I promise… just ask yourself this… exactly how pissed would you be if someone came into your house and dumped garbage all over, pissed on your rug then smoked 8 or 10 cigarettes and blew the smoke all over your children, your pets and your furniture. How long would it take you to kick them out? About 2 seconds? Yeah…

Yanno you can always sell that house right? You can always move into a new apartment when the old one gets trashed. Hmmm…

Okay I’m going to leave it at that and assume anyone smart enough to work a computer can figure out the point I’m trying to make here.

So I got some sweet gifties to check out this morning. Nothing makes me happier first thing in the morning then free stuff. Way better than coffee! And even better is that it’s from a new merchant I haven’t even been to before! By “Sweeter than Candy” the sweater and jeans are adorable and I love the cropped look with the tank underneath. The jeans are simple but nice. I’ve never been a big fan of flowers and shit all over my jeans. Looks very walmarty in my MOST humble of opinions. The shoes are from… big drum roll here… A-bomb! I am NOT a stalker… I just REALLY like their stuff! The shoes change color so you get like 5 shades. Both of these vendors will be at the Alternative Fair if I’m not mistaken but either way you should really check it out. And last but not least the skin is from Fior di Perle where I’ve picked up a few funky looks and some very pretty ones too. This was a freebie from the MM board if I’m not mistaken but they are always doing some little give away so head over and check them out!

Earth Day!Earth Day!

Skin: Fior di Perle FREE

Hair: =Tekuteku=

Eyes: Freq*ency

Top/Pants: Sweeter than Candy

Shoes: A-Bomb

Sporty Sn@tch Wednesday, Apr 21 2010 

Fresh as a daisy!  Why do people say that anyway? Fresh as a daisy?  Anyone ever smell a daisy?  They kinda smell like wet gym socks and frankly if your down below is smelling like gym socks after good workout then you should really seek some medical attention.  Sorry… just sayin.  So speaking of gym socks (nice segue!) aren’t these the cutiest?  Another humpday find from our great friends at Sn@tch.  Okay so I’ve never really spoken to Ivey and I’m sure she hasn’t a clue I exist but I love her to death and would probably be way more impressed meeting her then the Hobbit that is Princess Leia.  Wow I’m spunky today! 

The shoes are another great find from Duh! I am rapidly falling head over heels (pun?) for this place.  I have no issues finding boots and heels galore and now it seems a lot more cute little flats to which I credit the Bella craze but cute sneakers in SL for chicks? Not so much!  They either look downright ugly, are entirely too large and make me look like a clown or the price is so jacked up because of the apparent ignored demand.  But Duh hits one out of the park!  The fat pack with like 160 (no lie) different prints is only 150L but if you’re feeling stingy then you can pick one of the smaller packs that still has about 5 prints for only 25L!!  Seriously!  No I don’t think it’s a sale either but lets keep it quiet before Renee Harvy comes to her senses and jacks the prices for these little gems through the roof where they belong. 

Okay I’m starting to ramble but there’s so many great finds I’ve come across the last couple of days!  Let me just mention the eyes real quick.  They’re from Poetic Colors and I’m here to tell you this place is just amazing.  The colors and selection and styles make me wish this person made those goofy color contacts they have at Halloween cause I would SO pay for a set!  And……. there’s a freebie!!!! Which is way cool cause you can try it on and see how much these rock before shelling out the 200L for a set of the others.  And those I am cheap beyond belief I will not blink an eye (it’s pun day!) at spending it on quality and that counts in SL too. 

Hair: Truth Freebie Pack

Skin: League $$$L

Eyes: Poetic Colors Freebie

Nails: Ibizzare Freebie

Hoodie, Tank, Skirt, Socks:  Snatch Humpday Happiness

Shoes: Duh! $$L fatpack 160 textures

Necklace and Bracelet: Duh! Freebie/Cheapies

HUMPDAY! Wednesday, Apr 21 2010 

Thought I would hit the Humpday Happiness circut today and I think Tal has some in the works too so lets get started! The jacket is from my new favorite store A-Bomb and they have 4 different prints if you don’t want to go with the leopard.  But seriously… who doesn’t love leopard print? They also have a nice 10L clearance room upstairs on the 3rd floor.  The skimpy little red dress is from Sinful Pleasures but comes with a skirt option for a more cutsie and less stripperish look.  Aside from the Humpday deal Sinful Pleasures also has a few other 60L deals to check out. The boots… mmmmmmm boots… okay sorry I’m back! LOL

Seperate paragraph for Bax.  Because this place stands alone.  Ever been in a club and seen a gal wearing the most beautiful, detailed and realistic looking boots and she leaves before you have a chance to inspect and figure out where she got them?  Fret not little fashionistas… they’re from Bax.  These are some sersiouly high tech boots too, the hud does all the work for you to make them fit like little foot gloves of happiness and they have a ton of different color options, zippers, heels, the boot it’s self.  All changeable!  They come with a sizable price tag but it’s like getting at least 5 different boots for the price of one and you will NEVER want to take them off.  Okay I will step off my Bax soapbox now…. 🙂

Hair: Truth $$L

Skin: LAQ $$$L

Eyes: Poetic Colors Freebie

Dress: Sinful Pleasures Humpday Happiness

Jacket: A-Bomb Humpday Happiness

Boots: Bax $$$L

Bracelets: Snatch Instore Freebie (on the floor in the full outfit room)

Last one for today or my boyfriend will disown me! Tuesday, Apr 20 2010 

I just felt bad for not posting for so many days and making Tal do all the work so I’ve been a bit post happy today.  Okay so this outfit I am just SO happy about for so many reasons.  First off it gives me an excuse to tell ya’ll the BEST ONE EVER!  So this is my homage to smokers because it pays to smoke!  Yes that’s right I said it pays to smoke.  We went to Chicago over the weekend for the Comic book convention going on there (don’t judge!) and on the last day, the day I might add that I was sooo fucking tired and all I wanted to do was get back on the road for home but my boyfriend convinced me to go back for a few more hours.  So we’re out there smoking and this short, kinda chubby, little old lady in a poncho comes waddling up and in the lowest raspy voice you ever heard outside of the nickle slot machine section at the casino asks “Hey got a light?” My boyfriend responded first and lit the lady’s cigarette.  It was then that I got a good look at her face and turned to see my boyfriend just smiling as she plopped down beside us to smoke her cancer stick.  It was none other then CARRIE “PRINCESS FUCKING LEIA” FISHER in the way shorter then I would have ever imagined flesh!  Yup.  I smoked with Princess Leia over the weekend.  Pretty sweet and I’m not even that much of a Star Wars fan actually.

Okay onto the outfit for real this time. LOL  The pants are from Curious Kitties and were a group gift from a week or so ago that have been sitting in my inventory getting dusty while I tried to figure out what would work with them.  Then today the fashion gods smiled on me with this gem of a jacket that gave it just the right edgy yet stylish vibe I had been searching for.  I found it while on the Zombie Popcorn hunt because that is going to pretty much be my life for the next day or so. The shoes were also a Zombie item and the hair was one of the Magika freebies in their gianormous pack of freebies at the entrance that if you haven’t picked up yet I’m sorry but you suck at life! 😛

Location: The Mother Road

Hair: Magika Freebie Pack at Landing point

Skin: ::IrEn:: Group Gift Free

Eyes: Amacci Group Gift Free

Pants: Curious Kitties Group Gift Free

Shirt/Jacket: ::A&M:: Super Bargin Saturday 60L still up!

Shoes: A-Bomb Zombie Popcorn Hunt Free

God That’s Good! Tuesday, Apr 20 2010 

Sorry feeling a little Mrs. Lovett when I look at this outfit.  Maybe it’s the cute blood splatters or the hanging meat in the background?  Anyway, I think it’s awesome and I especially love the matching stockings.  Both are from A-Bomb for the Zombie Popcorn hunt which is officially the first hunt I am fully committed to finishing!  The cute little cardigan is from Pig.  They were having a REALLY great sale and it may still be going on so head on over there and take advantage of them. (They like it… it’s okay!)  But make sure you join the group cause they give you some sweet ass freebies which I will show off eventually I’m sure.  So much shopping so little time! ~sobs~

Hair: Truth $$L

Skin: League $$$L

Eyes: Freq*ency $L

Dress and Stockings: A-Bomb FREE Zombie Popcorn hunt

Cardigan: Pig $L

Boots: Snatch $$L

Necklace:  ::IrEn:: Group Gift FREE

Going Green New Orleans Style Tuesday, Apr 13 2010 

Okay so far you wouldn’t guess it but I tend to dress more on the gothic/punkish sort of way. So I’ve had these adorable boots for the longest time and I LOVE them cause of the fantastic textures and little details. Look at the crosses and little tiny skulls! Bootgasm FTW! But I haven’t been able to put together an outfit for them since they’re brown and brown is just something I’m completely virginal about dealing with. Way way way too natural and main stream for me I guess. But the other night I picked up these cute freebies and holy cow did it come together. Also a big fan of this sim! If you read the previous post about our little smelly apartment in the French Quarter this would be the place. They are a really cool group of people that run it and have fun parties on the weekends. Very cool so check it out!

Green Pose 1Green Outfit ShoesGreen Outfit FB2Green Outfit Head

Hair: Magicka, Bibo, FREE

Skin: L.Fauna, pale, FREE

Eyes: Freq*uency, Blue 5, 75L

Lashes: Redgrave, Moulin Rouge, 75L

Top: Atomic, Project Themoery Spring Fling Creamy 75L

Skirt: *Thimbles*, Bobo Party Sweater Skirt – Group Gift FREE

Tights: Sn@tch, Candy Tights Fat pack 250L

Shoes: Bootgasm, Group Gift not available anymore

Necklace: :::Sole, Lily Leather Necklace Group Gift FREE

Bracelet: :::Sole, Comp Leather Bracelet Group Gift FREE

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