I just felt bad for not posting for so many days and making Tal do all the work so I’ve been a bit post happy today.  Okay so this outfit I am just SO happy about for so many reasons.  First off it gives me an excuse to tell ya’ll the BEST ONE EVER!  So this is my homage to smokers because it pays to smoke!  Yes that’s right I said it pays to smoke.  We went to Chicago over the weekend for the Comic book convention going on there (don’t judge!) and on the last day, the day I might add that I was sooo fucking tired and all I wanted to do was get back on the road for home but my boyfriend convinced me to go back for a few more hours.  So we’re out there smoking and this short, kinda chubby, little old lady in a poncho comes waddling up and in the lowest raspy voice you ever heard outside of the nickle slot machine section at the casino asks “Hey got a light?” My boyfriend responded first and lit the lady’s cigarette.  It was then that I got a good look at her face and turned to see my boyfriend just smiling as she plopped down beside us to smoke her cancer stick.  It was none other then CARRIE “PRINCESS FUCKING LEIA” FISHER in the way shorter then I would have ever imagined flesh!  Yup.  I smoked with Princess Leia over the weekend.  Pretty sweet and I’m not even that much of a Star Wars fan actually.

Okay onto the outfit for real this time. LOL  The pants are from Curious Kitties and were a group gift from a week or so ago that have been sitting in my inventory getting dusty while I tried to figure out what would work with them.  Then today the fashion gods smiled on me with this gem of a jacket that gave it just the right edgy yet stylish vibe I had been searching for.  I found it while on the Zombie Popcorn hunt because that is going to pretty much be my life for the next day or so. The shoes were also a Zombie item and the hair was one of the Magika freebies in their gianormous pack of freebies at the entrance that if you haven’t picked up yet I’m sorry but you suck at life! 😛

Location: The Mother Road

Hair: Magika Freebie Pack at Landing point

Skin: ::IrEn:: Group Gift Free

Eyes: Amacci Group Gift Free

Pants: Curious Kitties Group Gift Free

Shirt/Jacket: ::A&M:: Super Bargin Saturday 60L still up!

Shoes: A-Bomb Zombie Popcorn Hunt Free