Thought I would hit the Humpday Happiness circut today and I think Tal has some in the works too so lets get started! The jacket is from my new favorite store A-Bomb and they have 4 different prints if you don’t want to go with the leopard.  But seriously… who doesn’t love leopard print? They also have a nice 10L clearance room upstairs on the 3rd floor.  The skimpy little red dress is from Sinful Pleasures but comes with a skirt option for a more cutsie and less stripperish look.  Aside from the Humpday deal Sinful Pleasures also has a few other 60L deals to check out. The boots… mmmmmmm boots… okay sorry I’m back! LOL

Seperate paragraph for Bax.  Because this place stands alone.  Ever been in a club and seen a gal wearing the most beautiful, detailed and realistic looking boots and she leaves before you have a chance to inspect and figure out where she got them?  Fret not little fashionistas… they’re from Bax.  These are some sersiouly high tech boots too, the hud does all the work for you to make them fit like little foot gloves of happiness and they have a ton of different color options, zippers, heels, the boot it’s self.  All changeable!  They come with a sizable price tag but it’s like getting at least 5 different boots for the price of one and you will NEVER want to take them off.  Okay I will step off my Bax soapbox now…. 🙂

Hair: Truth $$L

Skin: LAQ $$$L

Eyes: Poetic Colors Freebie

Dress: Sinful Pleasures Humpday Happiness

Jacket: A-Bomb Humpday Happiness

Boots: Bax $$$L

Bracelets: Snatch Instore Freebie (on the floor in the full outfit room)