Fresh as a daisy!  Why do people say that anyway? Fresh as a daisy?  Anyone ever smell a daisy?  They kinda smell like wet gym socks and frankly if your down below is smelling like gym socks after good workout then you should really seek some medical attention.  Sorry… just sayin.  So speaking of gym socks (nice segue!) aren’t these the cutiest?  Another humpday find from our great friends at Sn@tch.  Okay so I’ve never really spoken to Ivey and I’m sure she hasn’t a clue I exist but I love her to death and would probably be way more impressed meeting her then the Hobbit that is Princess Leia.  Wow I’m spunky today! 

The shoes are another great find from Duh! I am rapidly falling head over heels (pun?) for this place.  I have no issues finding boots and heels galore and now it seems a lot more cute little flats to which I credit the Bella craze but cute sneakers in SL for chicks? Not so much!  They either look downright ugly, are entirely too large and make me look like a clown or the price is so jacked up because of the apparent ignored demand.  But Duh hits one out of the park!  The fat pack with like 160 (no lie) different prints is only 150L but if you’re feeling stingy then you can pick one of the smaller packs that still has about 5 prints for only 25L!!  Seriously!  No I don’t think it’s a sale either but lets keep it quiet before Renee Harvy comes to her senses and jacks the prices for these little gems through the roof where they belong. 

Okay I’m starting to ramble but there’s so many great finds I’ve come across the last couple of days!  Let me just mention the eyes real quick.  They’re from Poetic Colors and I’m here to tell you this place is just amazing.  The colors and selection and styles make me wish this person made those goofy color contacts they have at Halloween cause I would SO pay for a set!  And……. there’s a freebie!!!! Which is way cool cause you can try it on and see how much these rock before shelling out the 200L for a set of the others.  And those I am cheap beyond belief I will not blink an eye (it’s pun day!) at spending it on quality and that counts in SL too. 

Hair: Truth Freebie Pack

Skin: League $$$L

Eyes: Poetic Colors Freebie

Nails: Ibizzare Freebie

Hoodie, Tank, Skirt, Socks:  Snatch Humpday Happiness

Shoes: Duh! $$L fatpack 160 textures

Necklace and Bracelet: Duh! Freebie/Cheapies