Yep it’s earth day! The one day out of the year where most people get to pretend like the actually care what happens to the place they have to live. Okay real quick I promise… just ask yourself this… exactly how pissed would you be if someone came into your house and dumped garbage all over, pissed on your rug then smoked 8 or 10 cigarettes and blew the smoke all over your children, your pets and your furniture. How long would it take you to kick them out? About 2 seconds? Yeah…

Yanno you can always sell that house right? You can always move into a new apartment when the old one gets trashed. Hmmm…

Okay I’m going to leave it at that and assume anyone smart enough to work a computer can figure out the point I’m trying to make here.

So I got some sweet gifties to check out this morning. Nothing makes me happier first thing in the morning then free stuff. Way better than coffee! And even better is that it’s from a new merchant I haven’t even been to before! By “Sweeter than Candy” the sweater and jeans are adorable and I love the cropped look with the tank underneath. The jeans are simple but nice. I’ve never been a big fan of flowers and shit all over my jeans. Looks very walmarty in my MOST humble of opinions. The shoes are from… big drum roll here… A-bomb! I am NOT a stalker… I just REALLY like their stuff! The shoes change color so you get like 5 shades. Both of these vendors will be at the Alternative Fair if I’m not mistaken but either way you should really check it out. And last but not least the skin is from Fior di Perle where I’ve picked up a few funky looks and some very pretty ones too. This was a freebie from the MM board if I’m not mistaken but they are always doing some little give away so head over and check them out!

Earth Day!Earth Day!

Skin: Fior di Perle FREE

Hair: =Tekuteku=

Eyes: Freq*ency

Top/Pants: Sweeter than Candy

Shoes: A-Bomb