So I have this alt that I’m sure will eventually show up here but she has the cutest pair of boots EVER. Black with a skull on ‘em just like I LOVE and RAINBOOTS! Oh my god I am seriously stupid over rainboots. If I see them I have to have them. RL or SL doesn’t matter at all. I think it’s cause mommy wouldn’t buy me the Strawberry Shortcake ones I wanted when I was 8. It damaged me.

~moment of contemplation~

Okay I’m done now.

So I have no idea why Safeer never got her own boots but I was wandering around a store this morning and saw them on the models in the pictures and realized it was a huge injustice that old Saf doesn’t get a pair. I felt her pain. So I popped over to UBU and grabbed these cuties. Almost got the black skulls again but that somehow felt wrong. The rest of the outfit just fell together and as I looked at it I realized that this would be the same outfit I would be wearing in RL to the Farmer’s Market for the first time tomorrow morning! (yeah and my body looks just like that too……………. Not)4/24/104/24/104/24/10

Eyes: Amacci Group Gift

Hair: Exile Freebie

Top: Action 60L Saturday

Shorts: Snatch Basic Rolled shorts
Socks: A&M 15L gumball machine
Boots: UBU
Skin: Tik Tok 60L Saturday
Necklace: UBU Freebie!
Rings: Needful Things 60L Saturday