So in our house we have this game we play with funny names for bands. Our favorite and the one we use on Guitar Hero is “Seriously Good Pudding” my second favorite is “Merlot Hangover” which I picture for an all girl kind of punk band. Hence this outfit is born!

The whole thing (pretty much) was the 50L Friday deal from Plastik if you can believe that. I am so totally loving all the alternative skins that are coming out now a days. The ones from the Zombie Popcorn Hunt are somehow creepy, gross and still SO beautiful. This one from Plastik is no different though I must add that it REQUIRES eyelashes. Like any of us leave our pixel houses without those! But seriously it makes the look and I used ones I got from Deviant Kitties that come with those fabulously inexpensive skins they have a TON of. The necklace I’m a little hazy on where I got so this post may need an edit when I get home. Did I mention I often bring this stuff to work? Oh hush you just wish you got paid to blog! Oh and the hair, Exile again I know I’m not all that original with the hair, but I LOVE their stuff! Freebie and cute as a button AND I heard a rumor there’s some dollarbies out now at the store so guess where Saf is going to be planted tonight? Mhmmmmm


Skin, Eyes, Top, Pants: Plastik (50L Fridays)

Lashes: {DK}

Hair: Exile Freebie! (Raspberry)

Necklace: Curious Kitties

Boots: Snatch