Ohhhh kinky! 

Curious Kitties rocked my world today with a couple of sweet items!  The jacket which has a pair of pants that match but no matchy matchy please…. makes it look like a uniform for a vegas casino.  The hair was also a group gift from them but it came with a pretty canary yellow streak which I colored to match the outfit a little more.  I was feeling all SL crafty today!

But again… I must focus on shoes.  I have an illness I know.  These are without a doubt… the COOLEST pair of shoes I have bought so far!  I am not lying one bit either.  Omg you can take the bow off and put the bow on and take the strap off and put the strap on and all these different textures for each part of the shoe and then each texture has 12 different colors!!!! HOLYFREAKINGOD! 


They are on SALE! 200L for like 2000 pairs of shoes.  How can you even begin to go wrong? 


Eyes: Amacci Group Gift Brown

Skin: League         

Hair: Curious Kitties Group Gift

Top: Curious Kitties Group Gift

Pants: Tyranny Designs

Shoes: Hoorenbeek Sale