That’s what she said! 🙂

Maybe it hasn’t been completely apparently but I have a little bit of an addiction.  Not just shopping, but shopping at my most favorite store of all time.  Yep, I’m a Snatchadict.  And now with Ivey having a whole bunch of wonderful new duds for the Alt Fair I am in my own personal paradise.  So to go with the following Sn@tchtastic entries to follow I’m also highlighting another store.  =TEKUTEKU= is officially the only store where I will buy blonde.  Pink is the actually shade but I don’t think it looks like pink.  Maybe it’s my viewer.  Maybe I’m wandering around SL with hot pink hair like I have some booger in my nose that none one will tell me about.  Nahhhh….

You gotta check this place out.  Their prices are reasonable and they have a nice selection.  Eyes too. 


Skin: Fior Di Perle Freebie

Eyes: Poetic Colors Freebie

Necklace: Lacie Cakes (Color Changing Hud)

Bracelets: Twisted and Spoiled

Corset and Pants: Snatch

Boots: Hoorenbeek Group Gift