BOYCOTT BP!! Monday, May 31 2010 

Just a thought… 

It’s not like it really takes all that much effort and there’s really no solid rational reason NOT to so if you’ve filled up at a BP gas station in the last few days just go ahead and slam your head in a door for not being aware of the world you’re living in and handing your money over to evil murdering bastards and DON’T DO IT AGAIN.

Movin on…

I know everyone and their grandma has seen or purchased most of the things shown but this is my take.

Skin: Plastik

Hair: Posh

Eyes: MADesigns

Lashes: Deviant Kitties 

Glasses: Deco

Necklace: Meil

Purple Bracelets: Boom

Silver Bracelets: Pacadi

Dress: Casa Del Shai

Socks: Shiney Things

Boots: Hoorenbeck

217 sea turtles have been killed by the murdering bastards at British Petroleum.  At least that was the last count before they made the website that was posting the death tolls take the numbers down.  Just like they are making the fisherman in the Gulf NOT wear the masks or they won’t get paid because they don’t want the public to know how toxic the chemicals they are dumping into the waters are.  These poor men and women WILL be feeling the effects. 



Boat Drinks… Sunday, May 30 2010 

The boys in the band ordered boat drinks…

I’m on a bit of a Buffett kick if you can’t tell.  So I figured a bunch of tropical themes over the long weekend would be a fun idea!  Ivey always has something cute for free (even if you’re not in the group!) on the main table inside Snatch.  I think this is a recent change but I may be wrong but it’s new to me so the heck with it I’m bloggin it.  I LOVE black and white stripes with a touch of red.  It’s like one of my favorite looks of all time.  Classic.

The skin is Mango Mango (big shocker there huh?) They recently moved to a new location and it looks like the store is going to be fantastic.  I loved the make up on this skin, the lipstick matched the bikini nicely.  And of course there’s the Coco group gift that is being blogged to death but it’s just too awesome for words.  Even my boyfriend who “doesn’t get” our obsessions looked over and said “wow that’s pretty tight.”

Skin: Mango Mango – Dreamsicle 50L 

Hair: Lamb – Sour –  Butter

Eyes: Hoot – Sunrise eyes – Summer Morning

Bikini – Snatch Free

Bag – Coco Group Gift

 Location: Tribe Islands

Poses: Shiseido

The weather is here… wish you were beautiful Thursday, May 27 2010 

Just lounging by the mini waterfall and one of my favorite sims.  Enchanted Islands is one of the loviest and most realistic tropical paridises I’ve found in Second Life.  Tons of little grottos and caves to explore and a cute little shop with some art prints for sale.  Perfect for that first SL date!  Okay I almost feel dirty for saying that since I think SL dating is kinda lame but whatever… to each his own!


Hair: Truth

Skin: Fhang Candy 50L Bake Sale

Eyes: Kosh

Lashes: Redgrave

Bikini Top: Petunia

Shorts: Coco Group Gift

Jewelry: Dark Mouse

I picked those flip flops up last night and they came with 15 different colors in the pack and it was under 100L (65 i think) but the creator didn’t include an LM in the pack so I’m still working out where I got them. That and all other links will be updated later tonight if you have trouble finding something just check back later. <333

Sn@tch!! Thursday, May 27 2010 

Now that I have your attention…

Though Ivey isn’t doing the traditional Humpday Happiness sale doesn’t mean that there aren’t tons of goodies to be had.  This outfit was out today for only 50L!  There will be more deals in future weeks I’m sure so check back and join the VIP group it’s totally worth the fee cause you get great freebies and the conversation in group is always entertaining.

Hot Toddies for ALL!

Hair: Magika 20L Mondays (still out!!)

Skin: Mango Mango 69L HH

Eyes: Freq*ency

Glasses, Outfit and Socks: Snatch

Shoes: Duh!

Poses: Poses4Posers

Location: Kismet

Happy Humpday! Wednesday, May 26 2010 

Found a few cute things this week so yippee!  Though today also came with the sad news that Poses4Posers will be shutting it’s doors.  Mai Cisse has marked everything down to 25L to 50L for the sets so come by and snatch up these cute poses while you still can.

Hair: Clawtooth Group Gift

Skin: Mango Mango Freebie

Eyes: Freq*ency

Lashes: Redgrave

Necklace/Earings: Dark Mouse 69L HH

Bracelets: alaMood 25L

Dress: SYSY’s 69L HH

Shoes: alaMood

Poses: Poses4Posers

Location: Kismet

Little of this a little of that Tuesday, May 18 2010 

I think I have a unatural affection for men’s hair.  Does that make me an SL cross dresser?  I love hats and this one is fantastic.  Not too big and it’s got a great design on the back.  And it was FREE at Acid &Mala! I also got the pearls from them and they were a steal considering they come with a bunch of different options at only 100L. 

The shirt was the freebie from Pig for the stop the bullying campaign last month.  I picked up the skin from the bake sale still going on at Cupcake for only 50L.  Steal!  It came with elf ears that actually match and look pretty good.  My two favorite pieces of the outfit though is the shorts from Tyranny where they’re having a big sale until the 20th at noon.  Everything is 50% off! I picked the shorts up for only 60L and they have a bunch of colors to choose from.  And the drum case from Sey that was only 200L and comes with 5 different poses and 8 different textures. Score!

Hair and Hat: Acid & Mala Group Gift

Skin: Cupcake 50L Bake Sale

Eyes: Poetic Colors 200L (worth it!)

Pearls: Acid & Mala 100L

Undershirt: Acid & Mala  Free in the Discount room

Button Up shirt: Pig Freebie Stop Bullying

Gloves: Acid & Mala Gacha Machine

Shorts: Tyranny

Belt: Sey Group Gift (still out)

Drum Case: Sey 200L Multi poses and textures

Boots: Snatch

Pose: [doll.]

Location: Leviathan


Cutest thing EVER! Sunday, May 16 2010 

It’s the little things in life…

This time it was tiny… as in Tiny Bird.  They sent out a gift to their subscribers that when worn is a little basket of cute colorful eggs!  Better yet you click on the eggs to open them and get the color hair that matches the egg.  Then the eggs look broken after you’ve opened one.  Sorry but I firmly believe it’s those special little touches that make SL really cool and fun.  Like the stack of games under the coffee table in my little pixel house.  Cute and fun!

Best yet is that the hair is really cute too!  The outfit is my take on what everyone else is blogging.  I am head over heels for the scarf from League from the 50L friday and the matching leggings are for the Project Themoery and have a bunch of different options included for wearing them!  The boots are a new release from A-Bomb (thanks Addi!) and have a great color change option.

Hair: Tiny Bird  Free

Skin:  Mango Mango!  Old 50L Friday

Eyes: Freq*ency

Glasses: [chuculet]

Scarf and Stockings: League

Dress: Tiny Bird

Shirt: Snatch

Boots: A-Bomb


Shopped till I dropped! Sunday, May 16 2010 

I can’t believe it’s 3am!

I got to playing around with some things and next thing you know it’s nearly morning. Good thing I have Sunday off!

Just a few outfits that I put together after my shopping trip to Snatch.  I’ve been drooling over the boyfriend jeans for a while and at 135L for a pack of 5 or so different colors it’s a steal!  Also sporting the pony Gooshers which you can’t really see but trust me they’re adorable and work with lots of stuff.  The cardigan comes in a great multipack as well as the sheer dress shirt (thanks Ivey!).  I love this look, it’s totally something I would wear.  Easy, casual and not trampy in the least but still kinda sexy.

I won the hat tonight and LOVE how it works with this outfit.  I wanted something a little bit dressy but still edgy and different.  The basic outfit is Snatch’s “Cocktails and Cigarettes” but I added the skirt which was a group gift from Coco and the pink top from Maitreya which was a gift from The Deck’s birthday celebration.  Everything else is pure Snatchy goodness except the necklace which is from DavationZ.

More lovely Snatch…

All skin was League, hair from Magika, eyes from Freq*ency.  That fabulous bag which I blogged earlier is from Boom and they have another style out for Project Themeory that looks like a tea bag.  Cause you just gotta love tea baggers.  I think they should make a tea baggers hat like the one Bill Maher wears!

Anyhoo… hope you liked!

Drama Friday, May 14 2010 

I felt like a bit of drama…

I Love Olive is having a sale on several of their styles.  Each color is marked down to 50L! Just look for the big “Sold Out” sign.  How’s that for a 50L Friday? LOL  The skin was off the dollarbie table at Mango Mango and is what inspired me to put this look together.  I wanted something dramatic but still rough around the edges.  Like a few people I know!

The jacket I picked up at Bare Rose and came with 2 other colors in a pack for only 160L.  The place still overwhelms me but for those prices I’ll suffer!  The dress was a freebie group gift from Coco along with some other really fantastic stuff.  The leggings are a mystery inventory item.  No landmark (don’t get me started) but a notecard that says the store is in works the maker is Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl.  Interesting name and really interesting tights! Boots are of course my preciouses from Snatch and that necklace which was in a previous post but just worked here and I love it was from Dark Mouse.

Eyes: Kosh

Poses: Juxtapose


A needed ray of sunshine! Thursday, May 13 2010 

I needed a ray of sunshine in this bleak week I’ve been having.  Not sure if it’s the weather or the people around me or just me but I’ve got a serious case of the blecks.  I stumbled across *Coco* last evening and was shocked and amazed by the wall of group gifts.  Some seriously beautiful items with top-notch quality and there’s not even a charge for joining the group!  I picked up the scarf, purse and the tank there as well as some boots, leggings, skirt, bracelet and a really cute hat.  I’m sure I will have them in a future post.  Those adorable shorts are from Snatch and the cute wedges are from Duh! and where free!

This lovely and fresh-faced skin was marked to the bargain basement price of 1L!  There’s nothing I’ve found from Mango Mango that I haven’t liked.  Even the green and purple dollarbies that are located right under the 69L HH deal.  I almost missed these!  Had to go back and get another color of the horizon eyes at Kosh because they are just so awesome!  Lashes are Redgrave and hair is off the new discount wall at Magika where all the fatpacks are only 99L.  The earings were from the Dressing Room which is only getting better each week. I’m very much looking forward to next weeks selections.  The bangles which you really can’t see but trust me they’re adorable and cheap as always at Boom in the little gacha machines in the lobby.

Can’t forget the poses which are by Juxtapose where they are having a 50% off sale so hurry over.  Photos taken at the beautiful Las Islas sim.

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