I hit the mini hunt over at Mashooka the other day and still haven’t opened all of them but they have pretty much hit the blogs with a vengence already so I will just show ya the one I did get a snapshot of. Paired it up with the dollarbie shoes at Petunia and snapped this one right out front of the store!


Second outfit is something I threw together after hitting up the Sey group freebies that are right inside their doorway. I almost missed them at first since they’re kind of hard to spot. OR I’m just blind. Either way… But I am ga ga (not the freaky lady variety) over this little sweater dress and the purse which I stupidly faced the wrong way so you can’t see but trust me it’s flippin ADORABLE. And of course my 50L Friday hair from Magika which I honestly was thinking of buying at full price less then a day before it went on the Friday sale so SCORE!


1st Outfit
Skin: League Not Free

Hair: Truth Not Free

Eyes: Freq*ency Not Free

Dress: MashookaFree

Shoes: Petunia’s1L

2nd Outfit
Skin: Tik Tok160L Saturday Deal

Eyes: Freq*ency Not Free

Hair: Magika 50L Friday

Dress: Sey Free

Belt: Duh! 10L

Shoes: Maitreya Free