Does this just happen to me? You pick through your inventory looking at all the stuff you have recently received when suddenly an outfit comes together? I think it’s those kind of outfits that really speak to who we are because maybe to others they don’t look as great as they do to us. It’s an eye of the beholder type of moment. This is just such an outfit I believe. Make sure you grab that great hair from Magika cause it’s only $20L today! SCORE!


The Skin is a freebie from Miss Murder and as much as I hate to admit it, it’s Alice Cullen. I hate sparkly vampires but I actually really like these skins. I tried them on figuring it would be a good laugh but was like “wow, nice eyes!” so I got the other 2 vampy chicks who’s names I can’t recall because I HATE TWILIGHT. Sorry…


Insatiable Fashions is having a great sale and everything is marked WAY WAY down so you can go nuts. There’s also some great little 10L and 1L cheapies hidden around the store. Fishy Strawberry is a shop I hadn’t tried before and found a whole bunch of cool things including their sale room that has some REALLY nice Capri jeans for 60L and all their high quality GG and cheapies. Nice store!



Skin: Freebie Zone made by Miss Murder Alice Cullen Free
Hair: Magika 20L Monday
Eyes: MADesigns
Dress: Fishy Strawberry Freebie
Leggings: Insatiable Fashions
Gloves: A&M
Boots: Maitreya GG
Necklace: Nikita Fride Designs

Pose: Long Akward Pose

Location: Midian