Dear Pennelope Thiessam,

I thought about adding my opinion to the growing mass of flames that are being sent your way but decided to just keep it in my own little bloggy world versus getting trampled with the herd. I do this so that maybe it can have some meaning and influence because frankly I have given this much thought. Probably more thought then it deserves but it’s something close to my heart.

There’s a lot of blogs out there that flame restaurants. This is a HUGE controversy in the restaurant business. Do people have the right to judge you? Well yes of course they do. Do they have the right to put their opinions out there for the world to hear? Yes of course they do. This is what freedom of speech is all about. The RIGHT to be an asshole.

But ask yourself my darling dear, do you want to be an asshole? Why do you feel the need to go out there and post about how poorly something is made? Do you realize you are possibly effecting someone’s livelihood? People should be given the opportunity to think for themselves and decide if they want to purchase the product. The picture is right there in front of your face to see and judge whether it’s worth the purchase price and if not perhaps they will see something else in the store they would enjoy more. This happens to me often! But if they happen to hear that EVERYTHING in the store sucks from some bitter resentful sole who is unable to create even a crappy version of what others create they may very well skip the store entirely.

I respect and appreciate that you are a free thinking and opinionated person. I like to think of myself as one as well. But you really need to temper those opinions with a touch (in your case maybe a little more) of compassion. These are human beings. They have lives outside the box and they try very very hard to create something beautiful to put out there into the world and have others enjoy. If what they make is not to the enjoyment of their target audience then they will know soon enough because it will not be purchased.

I believe everyone is a good person deep down inside and that you just have to look hard enough to find it in some. I believe you are doing this Pennelope because you feel you are helping people but in the end you are actually hurting. You are causing drama and hurt feelings and bickering and hateful comments. It’s all a shit storm that you started. I don’t think this is what you had in mind. I HOPE this is not what you had in mind.

Have your opinions. It’s your right. Speak them if you want to. This is also your right. But as a famous man once said… “with great power comes great responsibility.” Be responsible and stop and ask yourself if you are hurting or helping the next time you make a blog post. Oh and THANK YOU for posting all the pictures of each item and when people don’t have stuff up yet or not. That’s AWESOME!

Best Wishes