There’s this song that says “the coffee is strong at the cafe du monde, the donuts are too hot to touch” well the coffee isn’t as strong and the donuts (called beignets tyvm!) aren’t as hot but this sim is fantastic and warms my New Orleans lovin heart. So I took pics but completely forgot to grab the link but I PROMISE I will update and add it later if you feel like checking out a really authentic well made New Orleans French Quarter style sim.


I didn’t use the free Bellezia skin very much since it was being blogged to death but I put it on the other day and was really astounded how detailed and pretty it looks. I even love the freckles! (usually hate freckles since i already have them in RL and can’t stand them) The eyes are by Kosh cause once in a while I DO listen to Tal. And I adore these eyes, the blue is so dark and pretty and you can actually see the horizon (hense the name).


I had looked at this cardigan before at Concrete Flowers but in the interest of making my weekly allowance last longer I denied myself. Then on Monday I flipped out and dropped 2K lindens in my account and said “screw the allowance!” This is roughly how diets go for me too.

But hey, the bag was free!


Sweater: Concrete Flowers

Skin: Bellezia

Eyes: Kosh Horizon

Lashes: Redgrave

Hair: Exile freebie susan ash

Shoes: Maitreya soho boots free

Top: Pig GG

Jewelry: Happy Finds

Belt: Duh!

Bag: Kosh Freebie

Location: Big Easy Sim

Poses: Torrid