At the Cupcake’s bake sale of course!  What else could I possibly mean?

The skin from Cupcake for the bake sale going on till the 14th was only 50L! Comes with dark and light brows which I wish everyone would do but I’m afraid my inventory would explode then.  The eyes I picked up after seeing the gals over at Slex and the City blog them.  They’re dollarbies at *s BS which I think is the name but not sure.  And the hair was free at the Deck thing over the weekend but Miel sent it out again for group members.  Yay Miel!

The dress, cardigan, necklace and eye lashes are from Pididdle where they are doing a 50% off sale right now.  The Tights are from League, a group gift from a while back if I’m not mistaken.  And of course the boots are Bax just cause I haven’t worn them in a while and they make everything look hot.  And just to rough it up a bit I tossed on the freebie bag from Kosh cause I love me some Kosh.  Did you see that?  I linked TWICE.  HA!

So there we go.  Think I got everything.  Pics were taken at my place and no you can’t have that link. Oh and poses by TorridWear!