Title has nothing to do with the outfit today.  I just really love this movie.  I’ve seen it probably 50 times because it’s always on in the background.  It’s just one of those movies that makes me smile every time I watch/listen to it.  I didn’t find much that suited me on the 69L Humpday Happiness sale today but what I did find suited me REALLY well.  Love this skin from Mango Mango it’s so soft and pretty and the green shadow is beautiful!  The shoes are from A-Bomb and though they are a bit simple they have a huge menu of color and texture changes which makes them really fun to play with. 

The jeans are from Dagger on sale for 50L at the Cupcake Bake Sale going on until the 14th.  Love the look of these and the little pocket detail is cute.  The hoodie is from Boom in their little pile of cheepie/freebie boxes.  There’s another cute pair of boyfriend style jeans too but be care if  you turn around cause those awesome bags are there and then you HAVE to buy one and it’s just out of control from there…

Just a close up of that awesome 69L skin!  The glasses are from Nash on the wall of freebies at the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio where I also picked up the hair which is a MADesigns and supposedly for men but whatever! LOL  The necklace and earings are from the discount room at Dark Mouse which I just discovered this morning which I guess means I have been living under a rock.

The green bracelets I got from the machine at Boom and the other is from the bake sale again cause I got A LOT of stuff from there!  All these poses and probably a lot more to come are from Juxtapose where they are having a 50% off sale!  Tons of REALLY cute stuff and a freebie item that Tal and I went nuts on.  Must go now! 

This awesome sim is JP Isle and I couldn’t decide if it made me hungry for a Chicago style hotdog or a Philly cheese steak.  Very nicely done guys!