I needed a ray of sunshine in this bleak week I’ve been having.  Not sure if it’s the weather or the people around me or just me but I’ve got a serious case of the blecks.  I stumbled across *Coco* last evening and was shocked and amazed by the wall of group gifts.  Some seriously beautiful items with top-notch quality and there’s not even a charge for joining the group!  I picked up the scarf, purse and the tank there as well as some boots, leggings, skirt, bracelet and a really cute hat.  I’m sure I will have them in a future post.  Those adorable shorts are from Snatch and the cute wedges are from Duh! and where free!

This lovely and fresh-faced skin was marked to the bargain basement price of 1L!  There’s nothing I’ve found from Mango Mango that I haven’t liked.  Even the green and purple dollarbies that are located right under the 69L HH deal.  I almost missed these!  Had to go back and get another color of the horizon eyes at Kosh because they are just so awesome!  Lashes are Redgrave and hair is off the new discount wall at Magika where all the fatpacks are only 99L.  The earings were from the Dressing Room which is only getting better each week. I’m very much looking forward to next weeks selections.  The bangles which you really can’t see but trust me they’re adorable and cheap as always at Boom in the little gacha machines in the lobby.

Can’t forget the poses which are by Juxtapose where they are having a 50% off sale so hurry over.  Photos taken at the beautiful Las Islas sim.