The boys in the band ordered boat drinks…

I’m on a bit of a Buffett kick if you can’t tell.  So I figured a bunch of tropical themes over the long weekend would be a fun idea!  Ivey always has something cute for free (even if you’re not in the group!) on the main table inside Snatch.  I think this is a recent change but I may be wrong but it’s new to me so the heck with it I’m bloggin it.  I LOVE black and white stripes with a touch of red.  It’s like one of my favorite looks of all time.  Classic.

The skin is Mango Mango (big shocker there huh?) They recently moved to a new location and it looks like the store is going to be fantastic.  I loved the make up on this skin, the lipstick matched the bikini nicely.  And of course there’s the Coco group gift that is being blogged to death but it’s just too awesome for words.  Even my boyfriend who “doesn’t get” our obsessions looked over and said “wow that’s pretty tight.”

Skin: Mango Mango – Dreamsicle 50L 

Hair: Lamb – Sour –  Butter

Eyes: Hoot – Sunrise eyes – Summer Morning

Bikini – Snatch Free

Bag – Coco Group Gift

 Location: Tribe Islands

Poses: Shiseido