Just a thought… 

It’s not like it really takes all that much effort and there’s really no solid rational reason NOT to so if you’ve filled up at a BP gas station in the last few days just go ahead and slam your head in a door for not being aware of the world you’re living in and handing your money over to evil murdering bastards and DON’T DO IT AGAIN.

Movin on…

I know everyone and their grandma has seen or purchased most of the things shown but this is my take.

Skin: Plastik

Hair: Posh

Eyes: MADesigns

Lashes: Deviant Kitties 

Glasses: Deco

Necklace: Meil

Purple Bracelets: Boom

Silver Bracelets: Pacadi

Dress: Casa Del Shai

Socks: Shiney Things

Boots: Hoorenbeck

217 sea turtles have been killed by the murdering bastards at British Petroleum.  At least that was the last count before they made the website that was posting the death tolls take the numbers down.  Just like they are making the fisherman in the Gulf NOT wear the masks or they won’t get paid because they don’t want the public to know how toxic the chemicals they are dumping into the waters are.  These poor men and women WILL be feeling the effects.