Sn@tch Attack! Wednesday, Jun 30 2010 

Ivey is doing one of my most favorite things at the store this week.  She marks down several items in the store to 50L and you run around looking for it.  There is one item in the men’s section, accessories, shoes, separates, off the rack, outfits and one in each shade of the plush line skins!  Oh but Ivey is also taking part in the Good Shit Hunt so if you come across a little bottle grab that too because there’s an adorable dress in it.  And check out the basement cause Ivey also beefed up her freebie cheapie section which now rivals any other store’s freebie section by far.  At least in my opinion!

Outfit 1

Skin (includes lashes) and Outfit: Snatch – 50L random item sale going on until Friday (the shoes are also Snatch but not on the sale)

Hair: Magika – Mary Cherry *50% off sale going on now!

Nails: Pacadi – bunch of different colors come with each skin which are on sale for 65L each right now

Eyes: Umedama Holic – GSH item *Make sure to grab the other 2 beautiful freebies off the table too

Necklace: Burroughs – Sunara Free *join the group they send notices about the bazillion freebies they do and each is fully color changeable

Outfit 2

Skin, Top, Pants and Boots: Snatch 50L random mark down items (the belt and earings are also Snatch but not on the sale)

Hair: Magika – Katie 99L

Eyes: Poetic Colors – GSH

Necklace: Glow Studio – Old Dressing Room item

 Poses by Exposeur and Glitterati 




Operation Squeegie Monday, Jun 28 2010 

In case you’ve been living under the ever popular rock the past few weeks and haven’t heard about the upcoming Operation Squeegie then I thought I might throw out my own little heads up.  I have a few items in my inventory just burning a hole.  The skirt and the skin in particular have me just head over heels in love.  Let me know what you think. 🙂

Operation Squeegie runs July 1st through July 15th

Proceeds will be going towards the National Wildlife Federation’s oil spill rescue and recovery efforts.  Remember folks… BP really isn’t going to foot the bill of all of this.  They have lied their collective pants off so far what makes you think they’ll follow through on the promises to help the Gulf Coast.  Any little bit we can do to help is greatly appreciated.  This isn’t just beautiful vacation beaches being effected.  This is people’s entire lives.

Hair: Clawtooth Stumblebum – 195L for four different colors

Skin: Snatch – Operation Squeegie 300L

Eyes: Umedama Holic – Free

Necklace: Snatch – Operation Squeegie 50L

Top: Mischief – Nyla Blueberry *going out of business sale going on 50L singles, 100 fatpacks, 90L outfits, 180L outfit fatpacks

Skirt: FaKe – Operation Squeegie 100L

Boots: Hoorenbeck

Poses: Glitterati

Location: Lostworld


Rainy Days Saturday, Jun 26 2010 

I thought this was fitting since we’re going to be spending the day at an outdoor concert where there’s a 50 percent chance of severe thunderstorms.  Awesome!  At best I get to splash around in mud puddles ala Woodstock and at worst I get hit by lightning.  Meh…

Hair: lamb – Whoop de doo (Butter) not on sale anymore but there’s 2 beautiful blondes for 150L that just went up so hurry!

Eyes: Umedama Holic – Frozen Eye Freebie – on table when you first walk in

Skin: Heartsick – Pure Morning 1L – lots of dollarbie skins to choose from

Lashes: Pididdle

Undershirt: Doppleganger Inc – Festive Tee

Tank: Happy Finds – 50L for a limited time and one other style at same price available

Necklace: Pink Fuel – Gatcha machine 10L

Bracelets – Burroughs – Free and about a thousand color change options, also at the store free necklaces and earings all multiple color changes too

Bag – Tres Blah

Pants: – lunno Jeans cuffed

Shoes: Maitreya – Group Gift Pumps



Sunshiney Day Friday, Jun 25 2010 

I struggled with the top to this lovely Pacadi group gift dress for a long time.  I just can’t do the nipple tape thing.  Not really sure why it just bugs me to no end.  Maybe it’s because I keep thinking about the removal process.  Nope… sorry!  But I loved the bright lemony color of the dress so I played around for a while and finally ended up with what you see.  Yeah I think that’s my process.  I just keep throwing things on until I find what I like.  This is why my bedroom looks like a tornado just came through.

Hair: Truth – Tilly

Skin: Static Beauty – Coffee and TV – Free (bunch of cute stuff 1L skins and freebie poses too)

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Grand Canyon

Necklace: Duh! – 1L

Top: !OhMai – asymmetrical Bodysuit 1L

Skirt: PACADI – Naala Group Gift

Shoes: Hoorenbeek – stiletto (Color/Texture change with removable bow and strap)

Poses: Porcupine Love – Set of 5 for 50L today only


Beautiful Clown Sunday, Jun 20 2010 

As I stumble through this life,
help me to create more laughter than tears,
dispense more cheer than gloom,
spread more cheer than despair.
Never let me become so indifferent,
that I will fail to see the wonders in the eyes of a child,
or the twinkle in the eyes of the aged.
 Never let me forget that my total effort is to cheer people,
make them happy, and forget momentarily,
all the unpleasantness in their lives
I hope once in a while that I make you all smile.
Hair: Orage Creations – Crazy Hair 1L
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Lilac Blossoms 200L
Glasses/Hair Flower: artilliri – Group Freebie Special
Necklace – Happy Finds – Vintage Butterfly 75L
Skin: SMOTD at Zombiepopcorn Carnival – “I Cry Painted Tears” FREE
Skirt: Orage Creations – Freebie
Belt: Kosh – Skull King 1L
Top: Dreams – Argyle Corset
Leggings: devol (closed)
Peacock Earing: Snatch
Other Earing: Dark Mouse
Bracelets: Pacadi 65L *limited time sale
Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos – Luck
Shoes: Snatch – Runway Stompers


Ring Leader Thursday, Jun 17 2010 

She walks among freaks.  A freak herself perhaps though she hides it behind a thin veil. She beckons you, tempting you with the wonderous, frightening and unbelievable speciticals within.  Are you brave enough to answer her call and step into her world?

Hat: Gothic Passionate Dreams – Part of the “Doomed” set

Hair: Amacci – Melissa

Skin: Garage – Sheryl

Eyes: Freq*ency

Earings: Kosh

Cigarette: Old Zombiepopcorn Hunt item

Necklace: Lolapop – Just a little Goth – Free (i think)

Top: Snatch – Poison Velvet Tank – Red

Jacket: – Tourist Jacket – Black

Belt: Duh! – Black Snakeskin – 25L

Skirt: Coco – Ruffled Lace Skirt Black – Group Gift

Leggings: MVCarnival Exclusive Freebie

Shoes: caLLie cLine at the Zombiepopcorn Carnival – 75L


Carnie Girl Wednesday, Jun 16 2010 

She likes to stick needles in her dollies eyes.  Her voice has an odd sing song quality to it like she’s about to break into song at any moment.  She most definitely marches to the tune of her own yukalaylee. 

If you haven’t stopped by the Zombiepopcorn Carnival then I ask you… what are you waiting for??

Hair: booN at The Dressing Room 70L for 4 different styles

Skin: Lara – old freebie

Eyes: Kosh – Crystalline 30L each

Jewelry: Lolapop at Etheria

Dress: [SMOTD] at the Zombiepopcorn Carnival 100L

Stockings: Doppelganger Inc. – Knocked up Knee Socks 50L *50% off sale on select items going on right now

Boots: Hoorenbeck – Dr. H Boots – White

Poses: LAP, Juxtapose and Olive Juice 

Blue Blood and Lolapop Sunday, Jun 13 2010 

I was offered this sneak peek from Ghanima Uriza of Blue Blood and Lola79 Heinrichs of Lolapop for the Etheria event that has just started today.   I’m in love with the little Fleur De Leis all over the place and since they’re a symbol of New Orleans I thought it only fitting to have that as the setting for the shoot.  Hope you enjoy and the details and links to the event are to follow.



“On June 13, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. join SL’s Dreamiest Jewelers for a very special & collaborative fashion event!  We invite you to,

~ Etheria – When Jewelers Dream ~

Phaylen Fairchild will host a Fashion show that will introduce the collaborations of:

~ Caroline’s & Ingenue
~ Dark Mouse & Lark
~ KessKreations & Moonshine Designs
~ Lolapop! & Blue Blood
~ MONKEE & Evie’s Closet

At 4:00 p.m. we invite you to visit Etheria in the clouds and explore the collaborative efforts of some of SL’s most exciting jewelry artists, including an introduction to some of their best work!

In addition to the fashion show, there will be random prizes given out from each of the designers!  Just visit and win!

The show opens on June 13 at 4:00 pm and runs until June 20th”

Hair: Exile – Laya

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Lilac Blossoms

Skin: Deviant Kitties – Grapes – China

Stockings: Snatch – In the ring

Boots: Hoorenbeck – Dr H 200L *last day before the price goes up

Poses: Olive Juice

Location: The Big Easy Sim 

True Blood! Saturday, Jun 12 2010 


So to bide my time until Sunday night I’ve been hanging out in Bon Temps.  I LOVE this sim.  Their attention to detail is really quite impressive.   But aside from doing the pee pee dance waiting to see Eric (we’re pretty much exclusive at this point) I hit up the Project Themeory early and got this adorable dress from Happy Finds.  Both the dress AND the necklace are both in the pack for only 75L.  Really generous!

So the dress started off the hunt to find the shoes.  Which I grabbed at J’s and they also come with a lace up strap for these and only 380L which is a steal when you check what other prim toed shoes go for.  Doesn’t that sound like an endangered species?  Oh know!  The prim toed shoe is suffering from deforestation!  Gasp!

Closer shot of the necklace and check out my spankin new glasses!  I’m so very much on glasses kick this week. LOL Okay onto the credits…

Hair: – Brande – Jealous Red 75L *sale ends tomorrow!

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Grand Canyon 200L

Skin: Tik Tok – Sabrina med 120L *at the Black and Blue Fair

Glasses: Duboo – Choucream 50L *or in the Gift Pack with another pair of glasses, 2 pairs of leggings, 2 pairs of socks, a tee-shirt and a pose for 100L

Necklace and Dress: Happy Finds 75L *Project Themeory available until Sunday only

Bracelets: Fishy Strawberry

Leggings: Atomic – Ribbon Leggings – Champagne 100L

Shoes: J’s – Studded Wedges – Brown 380L

Poses: Glitterati

Location: Bon Temps


Time for a nap Friday, Jun 11 2010 

I think I put together 3 or 4 different outfits then when I started trying this stuff on and the jammies looked so nummy and warm and comphy I decided to slap this one up (since there’s some seriously awesome cheapies going on) and go take a nap.  Cause what better thing is there to do when you’re home from work on a rainy afternoon??

The pants I’m unsure if they’re supposed to be jammies or not but they’re loose and have cupcakes on them so in my book they qualify.  The cardi was 1L and lots of other basic whites are free at !Ohmai which is really cool if you want to try it on first before buying the packs which btw are like 100 to 200L for 5 different colors.  Seriously try and beat that!

Are those not the most delicious glasses ever?  I’m such a sucker for cool glasses.  Too bad in RL glasses are so friggin expensive or I would have a collection there too. The nails are a past hunt gift and the hair is clawtooth from the 50L friday.  You get this brown shade and a red one so hurry up day ain’t over yet.

I’ve never played with my light settings since I started in SL.  I got the suggested settings from a skin I purchased once and have used that ever since.  I’m a noob I know I know… So after Lizzie saying she only uses the light settings and she gets such amazing pictures I gave it a try.  Meh… I’ll keep working on it I guess. 🙂

Hair: Clawtooth 50L Friday

Skin: Garage 250L Fatpack (if they’re still on sale)

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Caribbean Sea 200L

Glasses: Duboo 50L

Tank: !Ohmai – 5L per fatpack of 5

Cardi: !Ohmai – 1L

Pants: [glow] – 1L

Feet: J’s

Poses: LAP – They have 2 really cute sets out for 50L fridays too if you hurry

Bedroom Set: Studio F – For modern furnishings with amazing detail (hello Twilight book on the end table!) and modest primage you cannot beat this place… They’re prices are pretty reasonable too!

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