I’ve never been a big fan of skyboxes.  They creep me out.  Not sure why…  I think it’s this fear of falling off the edge.  Like once in a while when you land and there’s nothing there and you just fall and fall and fall.  Okay so nothing is really going to happen but I always feel a momentary panic.  Odd? meh…

But I LOVE the skyboxes by reBourne.  There is such amazing details, textures and the backgrounds look SO real it makes me feel like I’m really in London looking out at the Thames.  Okay now I’m hungry for fish and chips.  Great…

I don’t know if it’s naughty of me or not but I go to the different skybox displays they have for a lot of indoorish pictures.  I figured if it was a no no I could make it up to them with a shameless plug here.  These aren’t cheapie skyboxes but always remember you get what you pay for and these are worth every last Linden.  And i KNOW how much those Maitreya shoes cost some of you so quitcha bitchin!

Second thing I wanted to touch on was the Black and Blue Fair everyone is blogging about.  I was actually really impressed by this collection.  I confess a lot of the “fairs” fall short in my opinion.  But then I’m a bargain hunter so I really have no use for a room full of REALLY expensive items.  I of course located the 10L or less room immediately and pretty well cleaned them out.  But I did snap up this Tik Tok for only 120L.  Score!

I can’t post the link to the Fair at this time since it doesn’t begin until Thursday but everything else you can run out and grab right now! 

Hair: Exile – Laya – Blue Velvet

Skin: Black and Blue Fair -Tik Tok- 120L

Eyes: Kosh – 61

Lashes: Exile (comes in the Laya pack!)

Scarf: Black and Blue Fair 10L

Bracelets: Black and Blue Fair 10L Each

Top: Happy Finds Freebie

Shorts: Kosh – Kretch Set

Boots: Snatch

Location: London Soho Loft

Poses: Glitterati