Sorry I’m still working through the pain… 1000 items… gone…. all my Truth hair… GONE!  Okay not ALL of it.  Oddly enough I kept most of the newer (bought in the last month) styles but all my older ones which was the majority of them I’m sad to say are just poofed into vitural space.  It’s like crabs!  You always hear about it but figure there’s no way in hell it would ever happen to you until it does.  Then you’re sitting there alone and itching and wondering what the hell happened. 


Okay light at the end of the tunnel is this sweet little dress that I swiped (no swiper no swipin!!!) from MNK and wow cute stuff super cheap.  I will be swinging by there again as soon as I have some L in my pocket since I blew my whole weeks allowence on a fatpack of eyes from Poetic Colors.  They’re having a 50% off sale at the moment so hurry up cause I have no clue when it ends.  There’s also a new freebie.  These are in my opinion (and i’m sure several others) the best eyes in SL.

Hair: Magika – Morning

Skin: Cupcakes – Daisy 50L

Eyes: Poetic Colors 100L or 1250L for the fatpack of 17 (worth it!)

Necklace: III @ the Black and Blue Fair Yay! I can post the link now!!

Top: SYSY Group Gift

Dress: MLK Group Gift

Bracelets: Garage Group Gift (Tintable)

Feet and Shoes: J’s


I almost forgot! The poses are by aDorkable Poses and she has a new set out with a Segway (those things you stand and ride on) plus a bunch of other cuties so go check it out the link to all the poses Tal and I use are located under the Blogroll links. Tootles!