I picked up a whole ton of freebies and all sorts of cool stuff to blog and since we’re coming up on my (almost) four days off in a row I figured no better time to start bloggin then the present.  Tiny Bird has done it again!  For the 50L friday we got a choice of 4 different offerings, two dresses and two cute little tops.  I of course being a glutton bought all 4.  The shorts were yet another 50L friday deal from Tres Blah which I haven’t had much opportunity to check out but I really liked what I saw.

This is the absolutely beautiful Tuli skin that’s offered at The Dressing Room for the dirt cheap price of only 65L ! Can’t beat that with a stick.  I would also like to take a moment to say that I am continually impressed by the offerings at the Dressing Room.   If you haven’t stopped by yet do so!  I can’t wait till the next set.  It’s like Christmas morning. LOL

I took these pictures at Las Islas where I and many others have used before.  Such a lovely place to sit back and chat with a friend or take a few snap shots of your own.  Very little lag too which I looooove!  Make sure you always plink a few lindens in a jar some where cause these places aren’t free.

Hair: Clawtooth – Stumblebum Brigade Item mixed pack 2 styles 4 colors 200L

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Mystery 200L

Skin: Tuli at TDR – Gina 65L

Glasses: Shade Throne – The Downy Sunglasses

All Jewelry: Black and Blue Fair 10L

Top: Tiny Bird – 50L Friday

Shorts: Tres Blah – 50L Friday

Tights – Happy Finds – 100L for fatpack lotsa cool prints

Shoes: Shiney Things – Zimmy Flats Free group gift in store