I think I put together 3 or 4 different outfits then when I started trying this stuff on and the jammies looked so nummy and warm and comphy I decided to slap this one up (since there’s some seriously awesome cheapies going on) and go take a nap.  Cause what better thing is there to do when you’re home from work on a rainy afternoon??

The pants I’m unsure if they’re supposed to be jammies or not but they’re loose and have cupcakes on them so in my book they qualify.  The cardi was 1L and lots of other basic whites are free at !Ohmai which is really cool if you want to try it on first before buying the packs which btw are like 100 to 200L for 5 different colors.  Seriously try and beat that!

Are those not the most delicious glasses ever?  I’m such a sucker for cool glasses.  Too bad in RL glasses are so friggin expensive or I would have a collection there too. The nails are a past hunt gift and the hair is clawtooth from the 50L friday.  You get this brown shade and a red one so hurry up day ain’t over yet.

I’ve never played with my light settings since I started in SL.  I got the suggested settings from a skin I purchased once and have used that ever since.  I’m a noob I know I know… So after Lizzie saying she only uses the light settings and she gets such amazing pictures I gave it a try.  Meh… I’ll keep working on it I guess. 🙂

Hair: Clawtooth 50L Friday

Skin: Garage 250L Fatpack (if they’re still on sale)

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Caribbean Sea 200L

Glasses: Duboo 50L

Tank: !Ohmai – 5L per fatpack of 5

Cardi: !Ohmai – 1L

Pants: [glow] – 1L

Feet: J’s

Poses: LAP – They have 2 really cute sets out for 50L fridays too if you hurry

Bedroom Set: Studio F – For modern furnishings with amazing detail (hello Twilight book on the end table!) and modest primage you cannot beat this place… They’re prices are pretty reasonable too!