Okay so what if they’re hideously ugly…

Tell me what other shoes you can throw through the dishwasher when they get dirty or allow you stand all day long and never get tired in your legs and feet or if you’re in dire need can be used to strain pasta or steamed veggies? What shoe can do all that?  Maitreya?  I think not!  So come out of the squeekie rubbery closet all you colorful and perfectly tacky Croc wearers!  Be proud to sport your holey Micky Mouse look alike shoes.  These are NOT just for lesbians anymore!


35L a pull like a gacha machine and you pay seperately for each shoe so basically 70L a pair and they’re transferable of course so you can trade with your friends.  So you’ve got fun, comfort and colors.



Poses: {.:exposeur:.} and Glitterati

exposeur is having a huge sale right now all of their packs are marked at 100L for a limited time so hurry over and stock up they have some really nice sets and really different stuff!