So we’re going to try something new here.  I’m going to be doing a “Store of the Week” starting today!  I’m going to be doing it weekly hopefully Tuesdays but that may change as my work schedule changes.  I’ll cover any sales either present or upcoming and put up a bunch of pictures of the merchandise so you can get a look at it before hand for those of you with super laggy machines. 

This weeks store is Dark Mouse!

I have loved this store since I first walked through the spinning doors.  It reminds me of a club from the twenties, all art decoey with dark rich woods and that stunning black and white tile floor.  Mouse Mimistrobell will, however, be moving to a different location in a short period of time so I look forward to seeing if she makes any changes to the current look.  Mouse usually participates in a variety of different sales and events though there is nothing planned until after the move at which time Mouse says there will be big things in the works so keep your eye on this little gem!