Thank you Sanura

This beautiful skin from Glam Affair has been the bane of my existance for the last day or so.  I looked over what i seriously thought was every square inch of that place trying to find it when it turned out to be right on top ** *** ********** ** *** ****** ** *** **** ***** **** *** **** ** if you can believe that!   So I’m going to say this as nice as I possibly can. 


Seriously?  I mean this is a hunt yes and it’s nice to have to look around a little bit but time and time again certain stores name’s come up in conversations about IMPOSSIBLE hunt locations.  It’s like they really don’t want it to be found and that makes me seriously question why in the hell you’re doing the hunt in the first place.  If you don’t want to give something away for cheap or free then don’t.   There are plenty of places around the grid that don’t ever take part in hunts and do just fine. 

But whatever… it’s a beautiful skin like all of the ones I’ve ever had from Glam Affair.  I love the glow they always have.  It’s other worldly.  And I am deeply appreciative to the stores that do take part in the hunts and sales and offer discounts.  It is extremely generous.

Hair: Posh – Platinum Hunt 10L

Skin and Eyes: Glam Affair – Platinum Hunt 10L

Earings: Glow

Top: Narwhal – Panda Sweater – 50L

Shorts: Hell Bop – Sadie Carwash Sale 10L

Pocket Watch: Skream – Time Stands Still 50L

Purse: !!KKBB!! – Black Mamba 10L

Socks: Pig – 75L

Shoes: A-Bomb – Chic Wedges

Poses: With Love and Squalor